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Alascon Company Limited was created with an intension to provide prompt, high quality and cost effective general contracting services to potential clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ALASCON has upheld its founding belief of honestly and successful performance in the construction industry.

Our company is situated in Al-Khobar since 2002 and has delivered numerous completed projects to our prestigious clients. We have successfully completed projects in educational facilities, hospital

our divisions

• Earthwork
• RCC sub-structure works
• RCC super-structure works
• Pavement works (Asphalt, bricks, etc.)
• Concrete repair works
• Cast-in place structure works
• RCC retaining walls & U/G Sewer network works
• Steel structure works
• Well Head Platforms
• Fabrication & Erection of Structural Steel
• New Pipelines & Maintenance of Existing
• Blasting & Painting Services
• Specialized Coating Systems
• Hydrostatic Testing Services
• All Types of Welding Services
• Fabrications of Tanks
• Special Alloy Pipes Welding & Fabrication for High & Low Temperatures Lines
• Fire sprinkler system works
• Distribution Panels
• Light Contactors
• Lightings Poles Erection & Termination Services
• Transformers Installation & Termination Services
• Megger , Hi Pot & various cable testing & commissioning
• Cable Splicing
• Data Management & Automation Systems
• Control & Process Systems
• Valve Automation Systems
• Low current devices works (Audio Visual, CCTV, etc.)
• Transformer, switchgears, generators, CCTV, Public Address System and panel boards preventive maintenance works
• Insulation
• Chilled water piping and insulation works
• HVAC instrumentation devices termination & installation
• T&I Services
• Plant structure maintenance works
• Special decorative paint works
• Roll-up doors preventive maintenance


ALASCON has always maintained the highest commitment for safety and the need for creating and maintaining a safe work environment for employees. We believe that our personnel are our greatest asset and that there health and safety at our work sites is our greatest responsibility. The commitment to maintain a safe work place and adopting an injury and illness free environment to protect workers from job hazards begins with everyone. It is of foremost importance to implement a safe work environment through communication, commitment, involvement, and implementation.
We believe in an open door policy that encourages close working relationship with all employees. Teamwork and a harmonious working atmosphere help to maintain good working relationships. Our workforce is encouraged to make suggestions for improvements in workplace safety and hazard reduction. Good Housekeeping is a major part of keeping the work area safe. Safety commitment is the driving force for organizing and controlling activities within our organization.
Our safety and health policy is effective because our establishment views a safe and healthy work environment as fundamental and applies its commitment to protect employees as vigorously as its commitment to organizational goals and strategies. Occupational safety and health will not be compromised to the demands of project schedule, production or cost. It is mandatory for our entire workforce to receive full job safety orientation prior to employment to protect their own Health and Safety and to ensure they work in compliance with the law and work safe procedures established by ALASCON.
When you share the responsibility for safety in the workplace, EVERYONE wins.

Our safety goal will be achieved by:

• Commitment to a belief that accidents are preventable.
• Employee involvement to improve the quality of workplace safety and health. This includes brainstorming, inspecting, detecting and correcting.
• Committing auditing resources to detect hazards and ensure hazard correction.
• Ensuring that all employees and subcontractors have the knowledge and training to accomplish the task ahead.
• Extensive knowledge & proper use of PPE.
• Lastly, it is our objective to meet and exceed all safety and health regulations and to consistently implement work practices that are safe to enforce and understood by all employees.


ALASCON is committed to perform our services at the highest level of quality. We constantly aim to improve our quality standards, thus we can never be satisfied regardless of our superior work quality. We are constantly determined to raise the bar higher. Hence, this enables us to always exceed our client expectations in all aspects such as technical expertise, budget and time compliance.
Our rigorous quality standards ensure our quality is consistent. Quality assurance is not only management responsibility but instead quality assurance in instilled in our organization culture. Each individual in our company is concerned with our quality of work regardless of grade or rank. We take price in our workforce responsibly which is shown in their work quality.
Each project we undertake, Quality Plans are implemented, encompassing control measures that ensure the client’s requirements are met, within the specified time, and in line with the budget. We believe in the establishing and evaluating quality objectives for everyone to ensure they are realistic, achievable and measurable taking into account preventive action or outside factors that could prevent the achievement of the objectives. Further we also believe in constant employee development through training and support from the management. Further, quality assurance department will communicate this policy to all employees and staff in such a way that it is properly understood and followed.
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The key objectives of ALASCON quality statement:

• Satisfaction of all of our Customers regardless of project size and their requirements for quality and safety are being achieved at all times.
• Confidence of our management and staff that the requirements for quality are set at high levels, are fulfilled and maintained, and that continuous improvements take place.
• The Health Safety of all those affected by our organization.
• To conduct ourselves inline with the client desires in the most economical and professional manner.
• To complete all projects on timely basis and within set budget.
• To reduce the incidence of non-conformances.
• To take advantage of our accumulated knowledge and experience while spreading it to everyone in our organization.
• Always enhancing and building on our excellent past record.


We have the honor of doing business with some of the world’s most privileged companies. We take this honor to heart and ensure it is reflected in all our actions. We believe our success depends on our strong, reliable and honest relation with our clients. We consider our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve superior results. We work both diligently and harness new ideas, unconstrained by conventional wisdom, for the benefit of their organizations and ensure this same aspiration in our everyday business dealings. It is this approach that provides the foundation for our partnerships with our clients and help us solve the toughest challenges together.


A career at ALASCON offers plenty more than just a world class working environment and competitive compensation. We believe our employees are curial to our success. We are constantly strive to go beyond the needs to our employees and always exceed their expectations. We respect, value and welcome diversity in our workforce. If you are looking for a long term career with great growth potential,we would like to hear from you. Working with us you will have the benefit of an amazing career.




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3rd Floor Al-Issa Tower Prince Hamoud Street Aqrabiyah Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia