ALASCON COMPANY LIMITED was established in 2002 to service the expanding and challenging construction industry in Saudi Arabia. Alascon’s business is driven by pioneering ideas, proficiency and preserving transparency at all levels of the company. We are dependable and responsible to our clients and committed to delivering quality in all segments. Today Alascon is operating successfully in all of fields of construction such as Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC & Instrumentation. We are presently registered with Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Royal Commission and SCECO, under vendor # 10028684, 103057, 12143 & 32891 respectively. Our past and present work speaks of our commitment to safety and excellent quality of work. Alascon has trade links with leading global names in the construction industry and provide unparalleled after-sales support for the services we have performed. Our experienced crew has through and vast field experience, knowledge and training about standard specifications and safety procedures. We believe in people qualities. Trust, respect, team spirit, the primacy of people over systems, recognition of individual initiative and teamwork are instilled in each and every Alascon member. Further, the fundamentals of worksite excellence, actions and behaviours and are central to the identity of all Alascon employees. Honesty, Sincerity & Authenticity has been at the core of Alascon. We have the resources and knowledge to carry out any job, anywhere, with unmatched expertise. We are delighted to witness the satisfaction that we have delivered to our clients over the years. Further, we are thrilled to observe our dedicated & enduring relationship with our treasured clients despite of the magnitude of any project, Especially Saudi Aramco. We hope that keeping in view our experience and availability of resources, our name may please be included in any job arising in your organization.
We pledge to serve you with our best resources at all times.


To position ALASCON as one of the indispensable organizations in the construction industry by means of enhancing competitiveness, maximising value creation, optimizing relations while achieving complete satisfaction of our clients and constantly attracting skill and talent to the organisation. We will undertake each challenge with great responsibility and provide innovative solutions with safety & reliability.

Further, we will deliver unsurpassed performance while establishing trust and integrity for our clients and entire community. Our fundamentals are based on the belief that success cannot be measured just by profit or financial results. True success is determined by project performance and how we fulfil the needs of our clients.

Wee entrust our competent team will provide unrivalled customer service and outstanding quality of work while always maintaining the highest level of safety standards in all aspects of the job.


Our values define the core of our organization because they characterize our relation, our behaviour, interactions with co-workers and clients. Further, these values exhibit who we are and what we stand for. These values are reflected as part every decision made by ALASCON.
  • SafetyAlascon has always maintained the highest commitment for safety, responsibility and the need for creating and maintaining a safe work environment for employees. We are devoted to provide our workers with training, facts and equipment to work safely and avoid mishaps. We make certain the safety of everything we construct, operate and maintain.
  • Relationships Alascon has deep-rooted relationships with clients, industry partners and suppliers. We build and foster strong long-term relationships by being relevant, responsive, thoroughly knowing our clients, constantly exceeding expectations and by consistently delivering value.
  • Integrity, Sincerity & HonestyAlascon behaves and builds trust with integrity, sincerity and honesty in an ethical manner. We foster a culture of transparency and responsibility. It is our belief that integrity, sincerity & honesty are the only solution regardless of any circumstances that we may be facing. Hence, Integrity, Sincerity & Honesty is our commitment to our patrons and our workforce.
  • RespectWe treat our team, trading partners and clients with respect and sensitivity. We value diversity and draw upon the different strengths, cultures, ideas, experience and talents of people. We ensure a positive, energizing and respectful work environment for all.
  • PassionAlascon employees are fond about our work. We behave professionally, with passion for excellence. We are always motivated to discover enhanced techniques for doing our job and we believe in doing it right the first time, every time.
ALASCON has guidelines to assist us in making decisions in view of our corporate values. We establish our behavior, way of thinking, policies, operational procedures which are founded on the guidelines that lead to our organizations success.


Honour – Employees must honour the law of the nation where we work. We must operate on fair business and be a good corporate citizen. Foster a corporate culture that enhances both individual creativity and the value of teamwork, while honouring mutual trust and respect.


Precision – Our personnel are obligated to perform dealings with precision along with accuracy. Hence, we must be held responsible for our behaviour and administer business with integrity, honour and discipline.


Diversity – We welcome employees of diverse ages, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. We are devoted to upholding a culture where diversity is treasured and cherished. We believe diversity brings unique combination of talents, experiences and perspectives in our workplace. Further, diversity enables our employees to do their best work. Therefore, it is just natural that diversity is essential to everything we accomplish.


Leadership – Generating an energetic atmosphere and it is our belief that this energy leads to bring out the best in each individual. Our company leadership philosophy is to have constructive, insightful communication with our workforce which empowers them to have a meaningful function and motivates a sense of satisfaction. We believe true leadership is to treat all individuals equally and compensate them justly.


Innovation Our culture commonly promotes introduction of new ideas, services, and practices. Innovation is in everything we do: in our service, in our business and in our operations. Innovation for us means creativity, finding solutions where others see barriers, foster an open mind, create opportunities, overcome challenges and reinventing or improving methods & processes. Innovation grows from the confidence that there is always a better way.


Social Responsibility Our corporate vision incorporates our dedication as well as devotion to corporate citizenship. We believes that social responsibility is simply good business. This policy guides our organization to improve corporate citizenship for society at large and directs us to give back to the communities where we live and work. We will integrate global and local perspectives, promote sound management of resources, and contribute to a better quality of life for us and our surroundings.
ALASCON is always determined to provide the best customer orientation, building solid long-term relationships based on trust and excels to offer the best service to our clients. These values have been instilled in our foundations since our humble beginnings and have granted us competitive advantages which are the cornerstone of our past and future growth.